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Liberty Screen 01
No. 35 , Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3

About Liberty Screen 01

Today in the millennial generation the market focuses more on a good experience rather than a basic cinema. We have tied up with world renowned architects and sound specialist to make all this possible. At present none of the cinemas in Sri Lanka cater to the customers’ expectations. As a result certain customers in Sri Lanka watch movies by going to cinemas when they travel overseas or on a worse case watch the similar content at home after a period of time. As a result if we really evaluate the market, there is a large potion which is being untapped. In addition to the design and overall experience we have identified more innovative marketing and communication techniques that will engage with clients better. A small example is that all cinemas in the country operate with the conventional 4 show times and only with two ticket categories. Why would you restrict a customer? Why should we not be more flexible and offer more options to every type of customer? These are vital unanswered questions which is a main focus point for Scope Cinemas. These are practices followed by larger industries in the country and have proven better results.

Amenities available

3D Hall
Air Condition
Car park
Snack Bar

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In cinemas 05 th October

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01:30 PM
04:15 PM
07:15 PM

The Nun

In cinemas 14 th September

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Johnny English Strikes Again

In cinemas 28 th September

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10:30 AM

Helicopter Eela

In cinemas 12 th October

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10:15 PM